Non-breaking space in frame maker 9 book window

How to insert nonbreaking spaces in microsoft word youtube. Before we start the tutorial, well briefly define nonbreaking spaces and see what they look like compared to regular spaces. Framemaker 9 training indesign training adobe certified instructor expert mike witherell michael urszula consulting print publishing graphic design production creative suite cs4 classroom onsite illustrator photoshop acrobat jo. The framemaker mode is ideal for authoring content that need not be tied to a rigid structure. If a character glyph is not available for the selected font, framemaker displays a. It states an escape sequence, which does not work as it immediately closes the attributes panel. On browsers supporting nonbreaking spaces, resizing the window will. Nonbreaking spaces and hyphens in figure and table numbering is it possible to insert a nonbreaking space or hyphen in the numbering for tables and figures. Line numbers in framemaker files help you identify particular lines of content.

You can probably tell, i am not only new to fm, im also new to windows having used a mac since. Framemaker, nonbreaking spaces and hyphens in figure and. Learn how to keep words and other characters together by inserting nonbreaking spaces in microsoft word. But now that the nonbreaking space is recognized, frame nicely cuts the machine name down the middle. Nonbreaking space \ space \ backslash \\ discretionary hyphen \ hyphen. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to affect.

Thin space 112th of an em space esc space t \st or \i. I can put nonbreaking spaces into the marker box so that i can control the line breaks from the source file whenever the generated lom is updated. You may wish to include a book template to demonstrate the setup of a book. Inserting special characters in framemaker by ron kurtus. Framemaker 9 keyboard shortcuts the adobe framemaker. Nonprinting character in word processors wikipedia. The most common nonprintable characters in word processors are pilcrow, space, nonbreaking space, tab character etc. In word processing and digital typesetting, a nonbreaking space, also called nobreak. In adobe framemaker, it is necessary to use special keyboard combinations to insert such characters in. Esc g 9, set the current orientation of an object as the new unrotated orientation. Nonprinting character or formatting marks are characters for content designing in word processors, which arent displayed at printing. I was trying the codes in the framemaker character set document, which dates back to version 7. In french, you do place a space between any high punctuation mark and the preceding word i.

An editor who finds this behaviour undesirable may choose to use a. Nonbreaking standard space cntl space or esc space h \ space em space width is equal to type size cntlshft space or esc space m \sm or \m. This tutorial shows how to insert nonbreaking spaces in microsoft word using the symbol dialog box method and the keyboard shortcut method. Using adobe framemaker 2017 release adobe help center. Im using the method described in the framemaker 7 user guide on page 122 near the top of the page. It is also possible to customize their display on the monitor. A good example is the long dash or emdash that can separate clauses in a sentence. Fit page to window esc z p fit to 100% esc z z navigation. Select a new setting from the rulers menu or the grid menu, and click set. The windows version of framemaker looks for fonts or font information in the following locations. To display characters on the monitor screen in microsoft word home tab or. Useful framemaker keyboard commands austin michael. Display filenames or heading text in the book window. Using adobe framemaker 2019 release adobe help center.

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